[flang-dev] [cfe-dev] Bugzilla migration is stopped again

Anton Korobeynikov via flang-dev flang-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Dec 7 04:32:24 PST 2021


> 1) we already migrated in 1300 issues
Way more – 13k.

> 3) its not possible to remove the existing issues and start again

> 4) so if any of the links are wrong in the 1300 then we can't do anything with them other than correct by hand? (is that correct?)
Likely. GitHub engineers are still investigating what are the options here.

> 5) GitHub say they don't recommend post-migration writing? Do they mean they don't recommend using an api to do that? Or doing it by hand?
Both actually. There are multiple concerns including notifications
that will be sent and the last changed time updated. Also, before
rewriting by ourselves we will need to build a map from bz id to
github id, so we will know what is the target issue id.

> 6) We can edit the comments by hand (can you only edit your own comments or can we edit someone else's comments, I'm thinking its only our own based on testing I've done with other repos)
Yes, only admins can edit everything.

> Assuming there is no obvious/immediate fix, Do we have any choice but to move ahead with the existing import and fix the comments by hand retrospectively (assuming 6)
This is what I asked GitHub engineers. They essentially asked for yet
another day to figure out the possible options. My rough estimate that
at least 5k issues will have broken links.

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University

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