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Tue Dec 7 02:12:03 PST 2021

I read your Dec 7th Updates from the google doc..

Could I summarize based on my understanding:

1) we already migrated in 1300 issues
2) there were a handful of issues in there previously (erroneously entered
because they didn't realize we had bugzilla before we hid them)
3) its not possible to remove the existing issues and start again
4) so if any of the links are wrong in the 1300 then we can't do anything
with them other than correct by hand? (is that correct?)
5) GitHub say they don't recommend post-migration writing? Do they mean
they don't recommend using an api to do that? Or doing it by hand?
6) We can edit the comments by hand (can you only edit your own comments or
can we edit someone else's comments, I'm thinking its only our own based on
testing I've done with other repos)
        - isn't this a requirement in order to fix up the "code-blocks"?
7) We can't really go back to bugzilla now we've imported the 1300
otherwise if those 1300 get edited they be out of date (I assume future
updates would be impossible)

Assuming there is no obvious/immediate fix, Do we have any choice but
to move ahead with the existing import and fix the comments by hand
retrospectively (assuming 6)

If we could identify the items needing editing (a list) I'd be happy to
volunteer to do some of them by hand. (Assuming we can edit the comments of


> I'm meeting with GitHub folks today (morning Pacific Time) to discuss
> the options. One option is to proceed with the transfer and rewrite
> the stale links afterwards. But I'm wondering if there is a way to fix
> the issue on GH side and what is the ETA.
> --
> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
> Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University
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