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How many issues are we talking about with circular dependencies? Small
enough for us to fix by hand on a need to basis? At present the lack of bug
tracker for 10 days is starting to be more painful than  the 100%
correctness of the data. My experience of multiple migrations to JIRA
systems from various legacy bug trackers that this is an iterative
processes at some point you say “That’s good enough” and you conclude that
historical issues aren’t looked at enough to worry about it, as long as
users can get back to the legacy system they can cross reference if

Once you open this up, most issues we tackle will be  new issues created in

Time to move forward, ideally we should have done these kinds of migrations
during the planning phase, but we didn’t and that’s a lesson learnt, but
let’s finish up the migration as is. Move on in my view it looks good
enough to use and you’ve done a good job but let’s not drag this out for 1%
of bugs we might not look at much!

My 2p worth


On Sat, 4 Dec 2021 at 00:19, Anton Korobeynikov via cfe-dev <
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> Dear All,
> I hate to say this, but the migration was stopped again. Now it seems
> that GitHub does not rewrite issue references properly during the
> transfer (sick!). Let me show what the problem is exactly:
> Consider two issues: A and B, where A will reference B and B will
> reference A. In our case this is used to model various relations like
> "duplicates / is duplicated by", "blocks / is blocked by", "depends on
> / required by". So, in bz archive A will reference B as #B and B
> will reference #A.
> Now, let's migrate A. The references will be rewritten. #B =>
> bz-archive#B and #A => llvm-project#A. However, after migration of B
> only one reference is rewritten llvm-project#A => #A, the bz-archive#B
> link in the issue A will not be rewritten and therefore a dangling
> reference will appear.
> For us this means that we will lose all links to duplicate issues, and
> (more important!) to linked issues in the meta bugs.
> I informed GitHub about the bug and I am waiting for their answer.
> --
> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov,
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