[flang-dev] OpenMP target regions and intrinsic Fortran math functions

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Kiran Chandramohan is working on OpenMP lowering and might have a plan here. Math intrinsics are currently lowered in mlir to a mix of inlined code,  calls to llvm intrinsics, and calls to runtime when the first two options are not possible. Attributes are added to these runtime calls so that they can easily be identified as intrinsic calls and later rewrote if needed. These attributes could be adapted based on what the team working on OpenMP lowering needs here.


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I am bringing this up because it seems that OpenMP development is really ramping up now and I want to bring up a common use case that does not seem to be supported with other vendor compilers.

It is a common use case to call the Fortran intrinsic Math functions in an openmp target region. I am not sure how this in implemented in the Fortran + OpenMP compilers for the vendors who do support it. I suspect this is done by inlining, but it appears that other vendors have their Fortran math functions in a backend runtime library which somehow prevents these functions from being called in an OpenMP target region.

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