[flang-dev] Moving F18 closer to LLVM

David Truby via flang-dev flang-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 15 05:15:19 PST 2020

Hi all,

Anyone that has been following the upstreaming discussion on llvm-dev will know that F18 has been under some (fair)
scrutiny with regards to its integration with LLVM and lack of use of LLVM data structures. 
Richard Barton has asked me to look at this so I’ve made a cursory list of things that we should consider changing to
bring us closer to the rest of the LLVM project. If anyone has any additional suggestions please let me know.

If anyone wants to discuss any of these separately in more detail, feel free to start a new thread for discussion.

CMake Integration
- I believe this is already done by Eric from PGI, and is on github in his FIR pull request. 
  Can this be split off and merged separately to speed things up?

Change file handling to LLVM's file infrastructure
- Our current file handling infrastructure prevents building on non-Unix systems (e.g. Windows), and duplicating file handling across two sub-projects is unnecessary. 
- LLVM's file handling works slightly differently to F18's current infrastructure, however I believe F18 doesn't use file handling in many places so once the necessary changes have been worked out once it should not take long to change it in every instance.
- A possible alternative would be to change F18's file handling to use LLVM internally but expose the same public interface. I consider this a less ideal but easier to implement solution.

Change uses of <iostream> to LLVM's streams
- For a number of reasons, LLVM has its own stream infrastructure to replace the standard streams.
  LLVM's streams are a drop in replacement for standard streams (modulo type signatures) so this 
  should be a fairly simple change.

Remove Flang custom data structures that can be replaced with LLVM equivalents
- This part is more open ended, as there are a lot of LLVM data structures that could be used with varying 
   amounts of code change necessary. 
- Below is a list of structures I have thought of so far:
	• std::string → StringRef where appropriate
	• EnumSet → llvm:PackedVector (not sure if this is directly comparable)
	• std::vector → llvm::SmallVector where appropriate
	• CharBuf → llvm::MemoryBuffer (not sure if this is directly comparable)
	• std::set → llvm::SmallSet/llvm::StringSet/llvm::DenseSet where appropriate
	• std::map → llvm::StringMap/llvm::DenseMap where appropriate
	• std::list → Something else everywhere it's used. LLVM discourages the use of std::list as there's almost always a better choice!

Use llvm's error handling mechanisms
- Switch any unreachable cases to use llvm_unreachable with an error message. Does F18 have its own unreachable
  Macro already? If so we can probably just search and replace for that.
- Use llvm::Error instead of error codes if and when error codes are used.

Please let me know if you think of anything else

David Truby

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