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Hi Doug,

The state of the world is pretty primitive, releases are by hand and any
testing is manual and ad-hoc. (Unless something has changed recently that i

That said, the extension is a small wrapper around the basic vscode LSP
client. There's <100 lines of real code, mostly implementing the status

So what kind of reuse are you looking for?
- want to extend the client, and pick up any new additions?
- want to extract some common code so it can be tested/maintained together?
- looking to share release/validation infrastructure, but not necessarily
extension code?
- something else?

Cheers, Sam

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019, 18:16 Doug Schaefer via clangd-dev <
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> Hey gang,
> As I've mentioned earlier, the Eclipse CDT project is pivoting to produce
> both Eclipse plug-ins and VS Code extensions to support our community.
> clangd is a core of that strategy.
> I was just wondering about the state of the vscode extension hosted in
> clangd. It appears to be published regularly to the Marketplace. If we are
> to reuse it in the CDT vscode extension, we'll probably need to make API
> changes to it to allow us to change configuration a bit. What is the
> release strategy for it? Where are builds and testing done so we can
> monitor the health of our changes (i.e. is there a CI machine that builds
> it?).
> Thanks,
> Doug
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