[cfe-users] Parsing C code looking for Basic Blocks

Harald Servat harald.servat at bsc.es
Tue Mar 19 04:43:26 PDT 2013

Dear list,

  I'm a newcommer to Clang/LLVM and I'm not sure whether this is the
correct place to ask this topic. If it's not, would you mind to point me
to the correct place/list?

  I'm looking for a mechanism to detect basic blocks in C codes
(optionally C++, and eventually Fortran, in a future). I'm wondering
whether how can Clang help me? Is it an appropriate tool for doing such
thing? I'm not looking for something very difficult (I think). 

  Imagine I have the following code (line numbering on the left, source
code on the right)

01: void foo(void)
02: {
03:    int a = 10;
04:    int b = 11;
05:    if (a > b)
06:    {
07:       printf ("a is greater than b\n");
08:    }
09:    else
10:   {
11:      printf ("b is greater or equal than a\n");
12:   }
13: }

  I'd like to have a obtain a list of pairs that delimit the basic
blocks of the code. For the previous example, for instance it should
return something like : [01-05], [06-08], [10-12]. 

  Is there any Clang mechanism to provide such information? If not, is
it possible to do it through Clang?

Thank you very much!

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