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> Hi,
> I am just wondering as to whether you happen to have any information as to
> whether your framework is suitable for commercial project and commercial
> use so for product development and product inclusion for sales? Also is it
> free or would I need to purchase some form of license for commercial
> purposes and usages? If anything I will probably have a detailed look at
> the information available on your website however just for confirmation it
> would be really useful and helpful to know.
> If you happen to have any information then please do not hesitate to
> contact me on my email address that is edouard.mironenko at gmail.com or
> call me on my phone number that is 07735656777. Apologies in advance for
> any late or delayed emails or response messages on others forums or social
> media platform if any since at the moment I am behind schedule in terms of
> project work but will try to send you a response as soon as I can.
> Regards
> Edd
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Please see

New LLVM Project License Framework

https://llvm.org/ .

And the following pages :


Apache License

Apache Licenses

University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

BSD licenses

among others would be useful pages .


I am  NOT a lawyer , therefore my views are NOT legal advice .

With respect to above  license information , you can use LLVM / Clang
freely ( without paying any royalty , etc. ) and without
getting ANY permission .

BUT ...

If you combine differently licensed parts and your own parts ( whether they
have open source licenses or closed source )
there may exist serious legal issues due to these combinations .

Best action for solving such licensing problems , please , find  a ( or
some ) lawyer(s)  specialized on SOFTWARE issues
( this requirement is vitally important ) , and seek their help due to your
commercial requirements .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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