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Thanks David,

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 Is the transition between AST and IR mapped in a way that is compatible with the mappings used for debug and the IR to Machine Specific Object Code?

I'm not sure I understand the question, could you rephrase it? Myself and Eric Christopher presented a tutorial at the LLVM developers meeting several years ago about how to generate LLVM IR that includes debug information that is then used by LLVM's middle (IR optimizations) and backend (Machine Specific Object Code generation) to create DWARF (or Windows CodeView) debug information, usable by a debugger like gdb, etc.

AMS: I appologize for not having a reference, but while I was reading all the LLVM documentation, I read that TableGen and the DWARD debug format had mappings that somebody recomended be made consistent with the target independent code generation so that there would only be one mapping for these things instead of different mappings at the different levels. I simply wanted to know if that effort toward uniformity was being advanced and if the AST to IR code generation was planned to be part of the uniformity. (And if not, should I consider trying to be compatible with some ongoing effort to create uniformity of mappings across phases of LLVM while I add front end features.)

Allyn Shell

Where can I find that information?

The written version of that tutorial is here: https://llvm.org/docs/tutorial/MyFirstLanguageFrontend/LangImpl09.html

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