[cfe-dev] [analyzer] Bugzilla Database Cleanup Policy

Vince Bridgers via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Dec 26 05:49:11 PST 2020

Hi all, I looked through the Bugzilla database for the static analysis
component. I was wondering what, if any, cleanup policy exists for long
standing bugs. I found 620 bugs today. While I did not systematically look
at each and every one one those :)  I noticed in passing many were in one
of the following various states:

1) A duplicate
2) An issue that had already been solved
3) An issue that's not concrete, or has enough information to start with.
4) Some (many?) of which the originator cannot be contacted for further

Most of these are Assigned to Ted (especially the ones filed before 2018).

Artem and/or Devin: Is there a policy we're following if we want to just
start going through these issues, triage and cleanup the easier ones?

May I suggest the following?

1) Maybe for the older ones, we can prove they are fixed and close them,
documenting how they were proven to be fixed in the bug, leaving an audit
2) For ones that are not concrete, vague or have a reproducer, start a
discussion on the mailing list, attempt to contact the originator? And
after an appropriate time, close the bug as not reproducible?
3) Mark duplicates in favor of a more complete description of the issue?

Please let me know if you have strong preferences to initiate a cleanup,
and I'm happy to follow those. I'm also willing to lead and contribute to a
cleanup effort.

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