[cfe-dev] Converting from Visual C++

John Emmas via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 6 05:16:23 PST 2019

Thanks Paul - at the moment I'm mostly on a fact finding mission. I've 
spent many years developing with Visual C++ but I'd grown tired of it 
not offering cross-platform development (not even cross-compiling).  So 
it's been good to hear that it now supports clang.  In the past I've 
also experimented with cmake for a couple of projects and found it 
pretty good.

The big problem (here) is that I have over 90 projects all currently 
saved as VC++ projects - so I've been looking for a way to either 
utilise them somehow or to find some tool that'd help me with 
conversion.  But the good news is that (in addition to supporting clang 
via cmake) Visual Studio now also supports it using VC++ projects 


> If you want cross-platform development you'll have to find an IDE that
> works on all the platforms you want.  There are plenty of them but
> Visual Studio is not one of them.
> There is Visual Studio Code (not Visual Studio) which is an open-source
> IDE from Microsoft that runs on all platforms including Windows, MacOS,
> and GNU/Linux.

Actually, I believe the Visual Studio IDE is now available for all 3 
platforms.  I think it's still quite limited though.... last time I 
checked, it was only supporting 3 of Microsoft's own languages:- Visual 
Basic, C# and F# (whatever that is...)

> Here's a post that describes some of the different Visual IDEs; this
> may be outdated in details but is still mostly true as far as I'm
> aware:
> https://stackoverflow.com/a/33798601/939557

That looks like a good link.  I'll read through it later and many thanks.


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