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> Hi
> I am just wondering if anyone has experiences maintaining a clang
> fork
> and how you do it ?
> It wasn't very easy for me to move from 3.7 to 3.8, since there were
> about 2000 commits I had to merge. git wasn't too clever with the
> merge
> either, finding stuff to merge in files I had never touched. In the
> end
> I reversed my mode of operation, and merged into master from my
> branch,
> using -strategy ours to keep mainline intact and preferred to reedit
> many of my changes.
> It would appear advantageous to have some sort of continous
> integration,
> where each commit from mainline is automatically merged into my
> branch
> and then a compile is attempted. If things break, the integration
> stops.
> Otherwise it just keeps on churning. If this makes things really
> easier
> though, I don't know. Does this exist ?

When I've done this I've had scripts that do a nightly pull/merge followed by a build and test. If any of that fails, I'd get an e-mail. In my experience, doing this between 3-4am central time works best.


> Ciao
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