[cfe-dev] [musl] Re: Is that getting wchar_t to be 32bit on win32 a good idea for compatible with Unix world by implement posix layer on win32 API?

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My 2 cents:

Yes, it is a good idea, having wchar_t be 32-bits. For some simple transforms of a few current 8-bit oriented multi-byte code sets, a wchar_t of 64 bits is actually desirable to simplify and speed up some operations, from a conceptual standpoint. Conversions to and from char32_t type would be slower. A 32-bit wchar_t, based on uint32_t type, also has similar applications in processing UTF16 strings, whether based on char16_t type of C11, or byte or short arrays. If anything, POSIX needs to expand wchar_t support, not drop it, so systems like Windows are more subsets of POSIX in function than incompatible. Such integration is one of the tentative goals identified as desirable for Issue 8; how well it gets accomplished remains to be seen :-). In some respects it's a more massive undertaking than the efforts made for Issue 6 integrating Unix and POSIX because of various legacy compatibility issues, that I can see.

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On Monday, May 11, 2015 罗勇刚(Yonggang Luo) <luoyonggang at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I remember that a while ago (probably around 2001), Microsoft tried to reword > POSIX to permit 16 bit characters by default to make their interface POSIX > compliant. This caused a long discussion that ended with the conclusion, that > we cannot do that. That's really a long time ago, things are changed time to time. Suppose we drop the support for wchar_t for POSIX, then there is still a cross-platform subset we could use. And that's truly we want. In real world, there is so much Compromise, I was intent to developing a cross-platform subset C runtime API to makes some app development ease. Such as git. There is a large set of application and libraries that suffering there is a cross-platfrom subset POSIX C runtime to use, so for the cross-platform support, they have to sacrifice the code elegance and using all kinds of tricks to work around for those APIs. -- 此致 礼 罗勇刚 Yours sincerely, Yonggang Luo
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