[cfe-dev] [musl] Re: Is that getting wchar_t to be 32bit on win32 a good idea for compatible with Unix world by implement posix layer on win32 API?

罗勇刚(Yonggang Luo) luoyonggang at gmail.com
Mon May 11 20:21:31 PDT 2015

> I remember that a while ago (probably around 2001), Microsoft tried to reword
> POSIX to permit 16 bit characters by default to make their interface POSIX
> compliant. This caused a long discussion that ended with the conclusion, that
> we cannot do that.
That's really a long time ago, things are changed time to time.
Suppose we drop the support for wchar_t for POSIX, then there is still
a cross-platform subset we could use. And that's truly we want.
In real world, there is so much Compromise, I was intent to developing
a cross-platform subset C runtime API to makes some app development
Such as git. There is a large set of application and libraries that
suffering there is a cross-platfrom subset POSIX C runtime to use, so
for the cross-platform support, they have to sacrifice the code
elegance and using all kinds of tricks to work around
for those APIs.
Yonggang Luo

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