[cfe-dev] odd character limit while string formatting

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Hi Csaba,
I agree. But my concern is the way formatting is done. If you look at the 2nd sample, the formatting looks correct where it has broken the string in to two and aligned it. Whereas in the case of 1st and 3rd it has not.
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Subject: Re: [cfe-dev] odd character limit while string formatting
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Hi Avind,

The name of RtlInitUnicodeString is 20 characters long. That, plus a 63 character string will not fit into 80 characters, which is probably set as the maximum line length.

On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Arvind Dalvi <arvind.dalvi at outlook.com> wrote:

I am assuming this list caters to clang-format tool too. If not, do let me know the concerned list.
Today I downloaded the clang-format plugin for Visual Studio and realized that when a function call contains 63-character string, the formatting of the function call changes. If you look at the samples below, you would find that 2nd function call got formatted correctly, whereas the 1st and last pulled the parameters down. Is this expected ? If not, any setting that i can set to get the 2nd format applied to the 1st and to the last call ? RtlInitUnicodeString(
            L"I am going to type a string that will be 63 characters only..\n");RtlInitUnicodeString(&czString, L"I am going to type a string that "
                                L"will be 64 characters only...\n");RtlInitAnsiString(
    L"I am going to type a string that will be 63 characters only..\n"); 		 	   		  Csaba
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