[cfe-dev] Status of SEH?

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> On 30/01/2014 21:40, C. Bergström wrote:
> Bringing it up in the appropriate media and forum is the key here.
> Chandler is correct we don't want any legal discussions here. It
> will at best only bring out trolls and armchair lawyers‎. Maybe the
> policy could be revised to have legal inquiries directed somewhere
> Yeah. Until we have an opt-in forum for such topics, the mailing list
> remains the only visible forum for contributors. This isn't great,
> but it's a reality and puts everyone in an uncomfortable situation.
> If we don't want to receive such notifications, the only way to
> achieve that is a change to the policy to invert the meaning:
> "we expect contributors [not] to notify us of any potential for
> patent-related trouble with their changes (including from third
> parties) "

My general impression is that notifications are wanted, but discussion of the details is not wanted.


> Chandler, is that more in line with that you had in mind?
> I don't mind what wording is used in the developer policy as long as
> it's consistent with the way we treat newcomers to the project.
> Alp.
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