[cfe-dev] clang static analyzer checker dev - function argument processing

Dave Tian dave.jing.tian at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 11:01:18 PST 2014

Hi there,

I am looking for help on checker development for clang static analyzer.
Say there is a function with an argument to be an (int mode), which supports the flag OR settings, like ‘FlagA | Flag B’. Then this function could be called in this way - fund(…., FlagA | FlagB, ….). My general question is that is there a way to extract the raw expression (FlagA | Flag B) of this argument in this function in the CallEvent? I need to examine the raw value of the flags instead of the symbolic value. It looks like Call.getArgExpr() may help but I am not sure how to do that. Would you give some hints on this?

Dave Tian
dave.jing.tian at gmail.com

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