[cfe-dev] Raising LLVM minimum required, 'dumb question'

Tim Toomay toomayt at toomaytech.com
Mon Aug 25 14:03:16 PDT 2014


Good question.  If you look at the entire thing and tried to evaluate 
how big of a job you might become ill!

I have another dumb question...

How big of a job would it be to SIZE that job?  Maybe you could count 
the errors in one file, then multiply it times the number of files.

One way to size it is look at wxwidgets.  There is a lot more there than 
just fixing the api header stack, but you can see all the system calls, 
how they are wrapped etc, and the product WORKS across mac linux and 
windows, so its a good starting place.  It is not overly concerned with 
the latest c++ however.

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> I have a dumb question...
> How many actual known instances of alleged broken lines are there in the entire Microsoft API header stack?
> If one had the dream of just fixing the headers, how big of a job would it actually be?

Tim Toomay
Toomay Technologies Inc


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