[cfe-dev] [3.5 Release] test-release.sh intended behaviour (was <cxxabi.h> not found by clang-3.5 rc1 with libc++)

Ben Pope benpope81 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 00:40:43 PDT 2014

On Friday, August 15, 2014 02:36 AM, Ben Pope wrote:
> Although I'm yet to test it or do anything useful like compare Phase 2
> and 3, but it does seem to produce a clang that can build itself, and
> does use the libc++ and libc++abi from the tree.

Well, again with Clang-3.6, the nightlies run fine*, I run them like this:

CXXFLAGS="-stdlib=libc++" LDFLAGS="-lc++ -lc++abi" sandbox/bin/lnt 
runtest --submit perfdb nt --sandbox sandbox --cc 
trunk/build/release/Phase3/install/bin/clang --test-suite llvm-test-suite

This builds the tests with libc++ and libc++abi.

Since the LDFLAGS are prepended instead of appended, I have to specify 
-lc++ before -lc++abi.

I'm yet to backport or fudge the cmake build for Clang-3.5.

I'm currently thinking of adding
-enable-libcpp    Use libc++ if available. [default: disable]
-use-cmake        Use cmake build system instead of make.

To test-release.sh

* Regressions are thus:
FAIL: MultiSource/Applications/kimwitu++/kc.compile_time (1 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/city/city.compile_time (2 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/deriv1/deriv1.compile_time (3 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/deriv2/deriv2.compile_time (4 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/employ/employ.compile_time (5 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/office/office.compile_time (6 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/shapes/shapes.compile_time (7 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/tramp3d-v4/tramp3d-v4.compile_time (8 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Applications/kimwitu++/kc.execution_time (497 of 992)
(498 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/city/city.execution_time (499 
of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/deriv1/deriv1.execution_time 
(500 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/deriv2/deriv2.execution_time 
(501 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/employ/employ.execution_time 
(502 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/office/office.execution_time 
(503 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C++/shapes/shapes.execution_time 
(504 of 992)
FAIL: MultiSource/Benchmarks/tramp3d-v4/tramp3d-v4.execution_time (505 
of 992)


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