[cfe-dev] Clang Static Analyzer GSoC

Gábor Kozár kozargabor at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 12:09:37 PDT 2013


I find the Clang Static Analyzer fascinating, and would love to work on it.
We've been working on a very simple static analyzer, utilizing Clang's AST
matcher library, but I have no experience, nor any knowledge, in symbolic
execution analysis, apart from the very basics.

I studied the list of open projects (
http://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/open_projects.html), and I'm fairly
confident that I could figure out how to implement a lot of it, like
modeling new and delete, and exception handling, based on (what little) I

My questions are then:

1) Is working on the Clang Static Analyzer a reasonable GSoC project?
2) Do you think it would be possible for me to be accepted to the GSoC
program with this project, given my lack of knowledge in the area (symbolic
execution analysis)?
3) If I were accepted, roughly how much time do you think I would need to
spend on this project, on a weekly basis? I need this to decide if it is
even reasonable for me to apply.

Thank you!

Gábor Kozár
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