[cfe-dev] c11.c/cxx11.cpp tests are failing for Hexagon

Jyotsna Verma jverma at codeaurora.org
Wed Apr 17 10:39:32 PDT 2013

Hi Daniel/Richard,

I'm seeing c11.c and cxx11.cpp tests failing on Hexagon with these two
changes - r179427 and r179419.

After your changes, we include stdint.h file (from lib/Headers) in both
these tests. However,  if  __STDC_HOSTED__ macro is defined,
lib/Headers/stdint.h includes system stdint.h file which includes features.h
-> gnu/stubs-32.h. Since, we don't have stubs-32.h header file available for
Hexagon, it causes the tests to fail.

Please help me understand why the tests were modified to include stdint.h
file and how to fix them for Hexagon.

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