[cfe-dev] Custom Clang and Xcode

Sebastian Hagedorn hagi.dd at web.de
Mon Apr 15 05:14:11 PDT 2013

I'm using a (slightly) modified version of Clang to be used within Xcode. I integrate it using the "CC" flag in Xcode. All my modifications are turned off by default, but may be switched on by a set of custom flags.

If I don't set any of these, everything is fine. However, if I enable one of my custom warnings, these warnings show up when building the project/target, but Xcode's autocompletion stops working. Could it be that Xcode is confused because it works with different versions of Clang?

Not all of my custom flags break the autocomplete function. E.g., I have this option in Options.td:

def export_stats : Flag<["-"], "export-stats">,

Setting it doesn't break anything, but the following does:

def Wunsafe_api_usage : Flag<["-"], "Wunsafe-api-usage">,

def warn_unsafe_api_usage : Warning<
  InGroup<DiagGroup<"unsafe-api-usage">>, DefaultIgnore;

Did I get something wrong, or do I just have to live with it because Xcode is not prepared for this type of modification?


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