[cfe-dev] Building iOS Apps on Linux, Windows and PowerPC Mac OS X

Marc J. Driftmeyer mjd at reanimality.com
Mon Apr 30 04:31:06 PDT 2012

I may be off on this one, but I see the GPLv3 being a stickling point 
for even testing LLVM/Clang against.

- Marc

On 04/30/2012 02:59 AM, Don Quixote de la Mancha wrote:
> Greetings, Ladies and Germs,
> I have decided to release my iOS App Warp Life under the GNU General
> Public License.  I haven't actually released any source yet as I'm not
> yet certain as to which precise license variant to use (GPLv3, GPLv3
> or any later version, Affero GPLv3, as well as any license
> exceptions).
>     http://www.dulcineatech.com/life/
> Among many other things, providing Warp Life's Objectve-C, C and
> assembly code source could be helpful to the CLang and LLVM
> developers.  It's quite a lot larger and more complex than most other
> iOS Apps whose source can be obtained openly, and so could help when
> testing your own development tool code.  CLang's static source
> analysis in particular has helped me immensely, in that I fixed some
> quite serious bugs I would have been very unlikely to have fixed any
> other way.
> The GPL Release will coincide with the Beta 2 Release.  I have only
> two bugs to fix for Beta 2 that I know about, so that release should
> be quite soon.  Here are my blocking tasks:
>     http://www.dulcineatech.com/life/to-do-list/
> At the very least I will write a Makefile so I can build it myself
> with Xcode 2's LLVM and GCC on Intel Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  I'm
> providing that Makefile to support those who want to build my code on
> other platforms than those that the iOS SDK supports.
> Even better would be for me to actually do such builds on at least a
> few other platforms myself, but that entails building a whole bunch of
> cross-compilers that all target ARM Darwin, and link to the iOS SDK's
> Public Frameworks.
> I've built cross-compilers before, but I've never had any luck with
> building CLang and LLVM completely from scratch.  It was some
> completely intractible problem with some of the llvm-gcc configure
> scripts.  I find the source to ./configure to be as clear as
> Carbonite, which is why I would not dream of using it GNU autoconf any
> of my own projects.
> I haven't actually checked out any CLang/LLVM source in eons though as
> I've had to much on my plate.  I reported my build problems on one of
> our lists quite a long time ago, so maybe they have since been fixed.
> Has anyone here ever used CLang and LLVM to build iOS Apps on other
> than Intel Mac OS X?  Do you have any tips for me?
> If I possibly can, I'll be releasing Beta 2 this week.
> Far more serious than any build issues is my choice of license, as the
> text of the GNU GPLv3 as it is actually written makes my head spin
> when I try to read it.  On the front page of Slashdot tonight is a
> story about the declining usage of the GPL.  The article suggests it's
> because more for-profit companies are releasing Open Source Software.
> My own take is that the GNU General Public License version 3 doesn't
> make sense to anyone when they try to read it.  While I support the
> goals it aims to achieve, I regard the GNU General Public License
> version 3 itself as appallingly poorly written.
> Ever Faithful,
> Don Quixote de la Mancha
> Dulcinea Technologies Corporation
> Software of Elegance and Beauty
> http://www.dulcineatech.com
> quixote at dulcineatech.com
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