[cfe-dev] Disambiguating C++ Lambdas and Objective-C Messages

John Freeman jfreeman at cse.tamu.edu
Tue Jul 12 19:17:41 PDT 2011

On 7/12/11 8:58 PM, David Blaikie wrote:
> I was
> wondering if you're sending this lambda work out incrementally as it
> sort of sounds like you're working on one big patch (at least for the
> parser stage, for example) when it might be possible to break this up
> into some very small chunks which would help development, review, &
> might allow more collaborative work

I guess I thought parsing would be a small enough chunk. I've already 
got most of that done already, but I'll try to break my work into 
smaller pieces going forward.

> For example, I was thinking of starting with parsing of only C++0x
> without ObjC support, as per the previous email thread we had going.

I had submitted a patch for parsing lambdas last week with a small 
amount of disambiguation, and it got a comment that it would not be 
enough for the general case, so I just went ahead and tried to handle it.

- John

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