[cfe-dev] Disambiguating C++ Lambdas and Objective-C Messages

David Blaikie dblaikie at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 18:58:48 PDT 2011

> Based on recommendations, I'm looking at the following decision tree
> after seeing a '['.

Hi John,

Slightly tangential, but given a recent thread on llvm-commits about CR size
-  I only recently subscribed to the cfe-commits list, so I might've missed
any CRs you've sent out for this so far, but I was wondering if you're
sending this lambda work out incrementally as it sort of sounds like you're
working on one big patch (at least for the parser stage, for example) when
it might be possible to break this up into some very small chunks which
would help development, review, & might allow more collaborative work (ie:
I'd like to be able to write some small parts of this work, perhaps, without
going blind for large periods of time & duplicating your work).

For example, I was thinking of starting with parsing of only C++0x without
ObjC support, as per the previous email thread we had going. And in that
instance only parsing the simplest of C++0x lambdas possible: [] {} - then
work could potentially continue in multiple directions, both enhancing the
parsing to handle arguments, captures, return values - as well as going
deeper & implementing some of the semantic analysis, etc, at the same time,
in small steps.

Just some thoughts - realistically I'm not sure how much I'd be able to
contribute to the effort, but thought these ideas might help.

- David
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