[cfe-dev] Building llvm+clang on windows using mingw

Frank Fuchs fk.fuchs at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 21 04:42:47 PDT 2010

Update (soory for posting twice): building with the provided compilers in
the mentioned configuration fails with the error:
"Memory exhausted" while building libLLVMAsmPrinter.a

2010/7/21 Frank Fuchs <fk.fuchs at googlemail.com>

> Hi,
> I'm trying to build llvm and clang on windows using mingw/msys with the
> compilers provided be the llvm-gcc 2.7 release.
> On a first not I had to rename the i386-mingw32-.... stuff to gcc, g++ and
> so on to passify configure about the compilers.
> I configure with --enable-jit --disable-threads and --with-llvm-gccdir=...
> Now I keep getting warnings about the "--export-dynamic" flag which is
> unsupported. Now the question is should I change it to
> "--export-all-symbols" as suggested?
> -Frank
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