[cfe-dev] [PATCH] add unconditional support for @encode block descriptor string

Blaine Garst blaine at apple.com
Thu Feb 18 17:34:14 PST 2010

David Chisnall provided, as an option, an introspection field for blocks (const char *types) in the block literal data structure itself for use by the GNU runtime.

This was discussed and approved and integrated.

I am unconditionally adding this field instead to the read-only shared block descriptor data structure instead.  I am unconditionally re-using his BLOCK_HAS_OBJC flag bit.

Also, I am introducing a second new reserved field for block internal layout, initially set to NULL.

These need to be discussed in the ABI document and supported in the runtime.  Also, David's conditional support should be removed when he's ready.  I left it in to simplify understanding of the changes and, of course, to support his clients until he transitions his runtime to use the new location of the types field.

This diff reflects the already committed cleanup from my previous PATCH post today.

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