[cfe-dev] Python/CIndex include file support

Andrew Sutton andrew.n.sutton at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 09:00:24 PST 2010

> > I was back and forth on that issue.  Also, I'm not fully convinced that
> the
> > returning tuples is the right thing to do. It might be better to create a
> > class called "Inclusion" that explicitly names the including file,
> included
> > file, location, depth, etc.
> Yeah, I haven't looked closely, but I think it might make sense to have a
> class.

Let me rewrite that and post a new patch for consideration.

>  > Also, on the CIndex side, is there a plan to support a max-depth on that
> > traversal? It's easy enough to emulate from the Python side, but it
> wouldn't
> > actually bound the traversal.
> Not currently, and I'm not sure how much efficiency there is to gain
> with it. Was there a particular use case?

 Not especially. For some reason, I was thinking that the VisitChildren
function had a bounded depth, and that this would be nicely symmetric.
Looking closer, I see that I'm wrong. So... never mind :)

Andrew Sutton
andrew.n.sutton at gmail.com
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