[cfe-dev] Small change to ObjC builtin type definition

steve naroff snaroff at apple.com
Tue Sep 9 10:34:35 PDT 2008

On Sep 9, 2008, at 1:00 PM, Daniel Dunbar wrote:

> Hi,
> I agree this is a problem, but I'm not sure of the solution yet and
> haven't had time to think about it much.
> To clarify the issues:
> (1) We need to have predefined types for all of id/Class/SEL/Protocol
> because they occur in the language (self, _cmd, @protocol, etc).
> (2) If these types are subsequently defined in headers, then they need
> to bind to the internal types.
> (3) At CodeGen, we need provide actual definitions for these types. In
> theory we could do a lot of bitcasting to avoid this, but that makes  
> very
> ugly IR.
> From a design perspective it seems like the predefined types should  
> start
> as opaque types in clang. This I believe solves the original issue  
> David
> presented, but I think it also means a number of changes to Sema. This
> should handle (1) and (2).

Just to be clear, are you talking about truly opaque types or C style  
opaque types (i.e. "void *").

I'd prefer truly opaque first class types that are directly modeled in  
the type system. For example, it would make sense if we had  
Type::TypeClass:{..., ObjCIdType, ObjCSELType, ObjCClassType, ...}  
when compiling for ObjC. When compiling C code, the types would be  
obtained from the headers for the particular runtime.

If the above change is too radical:-), then I guess mplementing id/ 
Class/SEL as an opaque type could work (since they are all pointers).  
Protocols are a bit trickier (since they aren't implemented in terms  
of pointers). Here is a snippit from /usr/include/objc/runtime.h...

#ifdef __OBJC__
@class Protocol;
typedef struct objc_object Protocol;

Since Protocol isn't defined in "objc.h", it's a bummer that it is pre- 
defined by GCC.


> For CodeGen, I think we just look and see if the type has been  
> refined. If
> so we make sure it is compatible with the real type. If it hasn't  
> been refined,
> we provide the definition.
> Is this workable and I am missing things?
> - Daniel
> On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 7:44 AM, steve naroff <snaroff at apple.com>  
> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> Commit r55990 implements your patch below.
>> The "good reason" clang predefines or hard codes id/SEL/Class/ 
>> Protocol
>> is gcc does. My original GCC (or clang) implementation(s) didn't do
>> this. Nevertheless, I believe GCC changed this within the past 5  
>> years
>> or so (so I changed clang). Off hand, I don't know why they changed
>> it. It complicates the dance between the compiler and the headers
>> (which is weird). Hacking MergeTypeDefDecl() is unfortunate.
>> Nevertheless, I don't see how this patch completely solves your
>> problem. When the FIXME to verify the underlying types is  
>> implemented,
>> I don't see how this is going to work. Are you going to hack
>> Sema::ActOnTranslationUnitScope() to install different types? (that
>> correspond to headers from your runtime?).
>> Please advise,
>> snaroff
>> On Sep 9, 2008, at 7:36 AM, David Chisnall wrote:
>>> On 9 Sep 2008, at 08:23, Jean-Daniel Dupas wrote:
>>>> Le 9 sept. 08 à 02:23, David Chisnall a écrit :
>>>>> On 8 Sep 2008, at 18:30, Daniel Dunbar wrote:
>>>>>> This causes several failure in the test suite
>>>>>> (Parser/objc-forcollection-*) if I apply. Can
>>>>>> you investigate?
>>>>> I see.  The problem was that now the new id type is being used,  
>>>>> but
>>>>> ASTContext doesn't recognise it as the ObjC type.  I've tweaked it
>>>>> to set it in ASTContext and removed the assert()s here that  
>>>>> check it
>>>>> isn't already set.  Note that this will now leak, but I'm not sure
>>>>> what the best way of fixing this is (can we safely delete the old
>>>>> version?  Should we lazily create them somewhere if they're
>>>>> referenced before first use (and if so where)?).
>>>>> The attached version passes all of the tests that it was passing
>>>>> before the patch.
>>>> I not aware of any objc file that does not include at least an  
>>>> header
>>>> with the definition of the objc runtime base types (id, SEL, BOOL,
>>>> …).
>>>> Why where these types hard-coded in clang first ?
>>> That was the question I asked last week.  Having received no  
>>> answer, I
>>> presumed that there was some good reason.  If there isn't, then we  
>>> can
>>> delete them from Sema.cpp and reinstate the asserts.
>>> David
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