[cfe-dev] Objective-C tidy up

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Mon Jun 2 23:33:30 PDT 2008

On Jun 1, 2008, at 10:07 AM, David Chisnall wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's the next installment of my ObjC changes.  This is fairly  
> minor, although the diff is quite large.  The biggest change is that  
> I've moved common code used to generate Objective-C methods and C  
> functions out into a separate method in CodeGenFunction and I've  
> moved GenerateObjCMethod from CodeGenFunction.cpp into CGObjC.cpp  
> where it should probably have been from the start.
> This diff also includes small changes to Sema to make self and _cmd  
> implicit parameters.  At some point, I imagine these will be pulled  
> out into a superclass for method decls that can be used for both  
> Objective-C and C++ methods.

Why should self and _cmd be ParmVarDecls?  Shouldn't they be  

+++ include/clang/AST/DeclObjC.h	(working copy)
@@ -91,7 +91,8 @@
    // The following are only used for method definitions, null  
    // FIXME: space savings opportunity, consider a sub-class.
    Stmt *Body;
-  ParmVarDecl *SelfDecl;
+  // Decls for implicit parameters
+  llvm::SmallVector<ParmVarDecl *, 2> ImplicitParamInfo;

If there are always exactly two of these, just use:

ParmVarDecl *ImplicitParamInfo[2];

Otherwise, looks reasonable to me if it causes no testsuite regressions.


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