[cfe-dev] Non-mac build instructions

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven asmodai at in-nomine.org
Mon Oct 1 13:39:43 PDT 2007

-On [20071001 22:32], Ar18 at comcast.net (Ar18 at comcast.net) wrote:
>"If you're not on a Mac, you'll need to make one change: paths to system
>header files are  currently hard coded into the tool.  To get this to work
>for you, you'll probably have to change clang/Driver/clang.cpp:606 to include
>the paths that 'touch empty.c; gcc -v empty.c -fsyntax-only' prints  
>(it should list some lines after "#include <...> search starts here:")."

Obligatory sidenote, I had not have to make any changes when compiling on
FreeBSD and I doubt NetBSD or OpenBSD need any either.

>Also, can someone also confirm, that I did indeed understand step 2 correctly
>(want to make sure it's correct)?

Basically you need the path to the operating system's base header/include

If you have GCC installed you can easily get the list of built-in paths, which
are supposed to be one of the saner things, by executing the 'touch empty.c &&
gcc -v empty.c -fsyntax-only' command.

The "..." and <...> mentions refer to include resolving as explained in 6.10.2
of c99.

In short:

<...> refers to a sequence of implementation-defined places to look for the
header. "..." refers to an implementation-defined manner, or failing that or
being absent, switches to what's used for <...>.

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