[cfe-dev] Non-mac build instructions

Ar18 at comcast.net Ar18 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 1 13:32:10 PDT 2007

For reference, I have been doing some work on a new Clang webpage... and I have a question about something in the build instructions given here:

Since Chris is only using a Mac, he was not exactly sure, so maybe someone else here can explain it in simple terms? :)

In the instructions it talks about modifying line 606 in one of the files.  Here's the quote:
"If you're not on a Mac, you'll need to make one change: paths to system header files are  
currently hard coded into the tool.  To get this to work for you, you'll probably have to change clang/Driver/clang.cpp:606 to include the paths that 'touch empty.c; gcc -v empty.c -fsyntax-only' prints  
(it should list some lines after "#include <...> search starts here:")."

I would like to write that in a slightly easier to read manner, but I don't quite understand what it's saying.  Here's what I have:
1. 'touch empty.c; gcc -v empty.c -fsyntax-only' to get the path. 
2. change clang/Driver/clang.cpp:606 to include that path 

Step 2 makes sense, but I'm not sure I wrote down step 1 correctly.  Are you supposed to type 'touch empty.c; gcc -v empty.c -fsyntax-only' into the command-line, without the quotes) and it will give you the path information?  Or are you supposed to type in something else into the command-line and it will give you the path info?

Also, can someone also confirm, that I did indeed understand step 2 correctly (want to make sure it's correct)?

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