[cfe-dev] standard headers questions

Sean Middleditch sean at awesomeplay.com
Thu Dec 13 15:02:33 PST 2007

Hey guys,

Which license would be most appropriate for the C standard headers?  I'm
not sure that the LLVM license with the advertising clause would be the
best bet, since those headers get compiled into end-user's applications,
but IANAL.  Personal preference would be public domain, or MIT/X license
if the no-liability stuff is considered important, but I'll use whatever
the project leads say I should.  (Some of these headers are so small and
are just directly taken from the standard's wording that I'm not even
sure copyright is applicable, but meh.)

Also, here is the C99 stdbool.h I wrote as an example.  Please let me
know if this is the format you'd like these headers to be in.  Mostly,
are the include guards acceptable in format, and is the comment block
acceptable in detail, or is something missing?  (Other than the
license.)  Should there be more comments for the macro definitions
themselves, or are suitably small, simple, obvious, self-documenting
things like that acceptable to leave without description?

- Sean
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