[cfe-dev] Parser TODO/FIXME

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Sat Aug 25 11:23:13 PDT 2007

On Aug 25, 2007, at 8:35 AM, Patrick Flannery wrote:

>     I have included a patch file for a few of the TODO/FIXME items  
> in Parser.cpp .  Two of the elements are pretty straightforward.

Looks great!   A couple of nit-picky details :)

    case tok::kw___extension__: {
-    // FIXME: Disable extension warnings.
+    bool warnings = Diags.getWarnOnExtensions();
+    Diags.setWarnOnExtensions(false);
      DeclTy *RV = ParseExternalDeclaration();
-    // FIXME: Restore extension warnings.
+    Diags.setWarnOnExtensions(warnings);
      return RV;

This looks good.  There are several other places that handle  
__extension__ which could use similar treatment.

+  virtual void ParseTopLevelSemi(SourceLocation SemiLoca){
+  }

Please put spaces before the opening brace, like:

+  virtual void ParseTopLevelSemi(SourceLocation SemiLoca) {
+  }


+  if(DS.getParsedSpecifiers() == 0){

should be:

+  if (DS.getParsedSpecifiers() == 0) {

Another thing, please remove the todo in: :)

/// [!C99]  init-declarator-list ';'                   [TODO: warn in  
c99 mode]

> The last which enforces a warning for a top level declaration of  
> the form x;  is labeled as a warning for C99 only.  I however have  
> checked that this warning is generated in c89 mode under gcc as  
> well.   So I added the diagnostic at the WARNING rather than  
> EXTENSION level and omitted getLang().C99 in the test for emitting  
> the diagnostic.

This is actually tricky.  It's important to mark it as an extension  
in C99 mode but a warning in C90 mode.  We want this so that - 
pedantic -pedantic-errors will actually *reject* the code in C99  
mode, but will still just emit a warning in C90 mode.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to add two diagnostics for  
the same message, one that is a warning and one that is an extension  

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