[PATCH] D128379: [clangd] Change the url for clang-tidy check documentation

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Thu Jun 30 08:30:33 PDT 2022

njames93 added a comment.

In D128379#3622286 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D128379#3622286>, @sammccall wrote:

> In D128379#3622128 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D128379#3622128>, @sammccall wrote:
>> Hmm, this version looks complicated to me.
>> And also fragile: downstream we have CLANG_VERSION_STRINGs that don't match upstream, Apple has their own versioning scheme, linux distros tend to do things like `6.0.1~ubuntu3`...
>> Let me sync with @kadircet
> The good news is that the ~ubuntu3 isn't part of CLANG_VERSION_STRING I think.
> Bad news #1 is that it still may not match llvm.org versions: e.g. our internal distribution is "trunk", Apple's CLANG_VERSION_STRING is 10.0.1 on my machine, but it's approximately LLVM version 7.
> Bad news #2 is that the documentation isn't actually available for all these versions: none of 14.0.1->14.0.5 exist, the point releases for 9-13 all have documentation but not 8.0.1. Looking at other projects, the set of docs available is inconsistent.
> I don't think this substantially more reliable than just pointing at the HEAD docs, and it certainly doesn't seem "better enough" to be worth any build complexity. Can we revert to the simple version?
> (I do think changing the URLs of the clang-tidy check documentation was unfortunate, and setting up server-side redirects for those would be nice to have if it's easy)

That's a good point about the point releases. The best acceptable compromise would be to just point the docs to the `<MAJOR_VERSION>.0.0`. This should always be a valid
The only issue here is that if there was any issue relating to the documentation URL it would surface after we have already published the release.

I did raise the issue about redirects for the check documentation when the structure was changed but it wasn't implemented.

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