[PATCH] D125788: [flang][driver] Rename `flang-new` as `flang`

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Thu Jun 30 02:23:58 PDT 2022

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Thank your for reviewing @clementval !

In D125788#3621585 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D125788#3621585>, @clementval wrote:

> Shouldn't we just wait until we can make the permanent renaming so we do not add unnecessary cmake option?

This was discussed in one of our calls. As we weren't able to agree on any specific time-frames, the CMake route was proposed instead. This was suggested by @sscalpone as an acceptable compromise. From what I recall, there were no objections to this.

`flang-new` has always been intended as a //temporary name// for the compiler driver. That's because `flang` was reserved for the bash script. The bash script has recently been renamed as `flang-to-external-fc` ( D125832 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D125832>) so we are free to repurpose that name.  As I tried to explain earlier, these names (`flang-new` vs `flang`) have always been very confusing to people and we are trying to improve and to clarify that, step by step. While this approach is not ideal, it gives us the flexibility to choose our preferred name sooner rather than later. If you feel that we should keep `flang-new`, you can continue using/building LLVM Flang as you have been so far. If you are ready to update the driver name, the CMake option enables that for you.

We discussed this in our call on Monday and agreed to go ahead provided that this change is technically sound. IIUC, this has now been confirmed:

> Overall the patch looks ok from a technical point.

As always, please correct me if I missed or misinterpreted something!

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