[PATCH] D128379: [clangd] Change the url for clang-tidy check documentation

Kadir Cetinkaya via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jun 24 06:12:55 PDT 2022

kadircet added a comment.

luckily this document links were introduced only recently, hence they didn't make it to clangd-14, but they'll start being around from clangd-15 and such changes will be breaking all the links in existing clangd's.
i wonder if we should actually point these at releases.llvm.org/CLANG_VERSION/... instead of top of the head:

- downside, we don't have a release until it's there, so everything will be broken with a non-released clangd.

i suppose we can make use of different urls based on build configuration, but i couldn't find any existing mechanisms for doing so. hence this needs to be introduced.
another option would be to have a redirection from releases.llvm.org/15.0.0 to clang.llvm.org, until it's released, but the directory structure/subdomain is different so this will also need some adjustments.

the other option is, when we do such changes, we introduce redirections from old page schemes so that those links keep working, at least for a couple releases.

I don't think such changes will occur quite often (or ever again) in practice, so this is probably not worth the effort. but if any of these redirections are actually easy to add, we might consider doing so. as in addition to preventing breakages through such changes, it'll also make sure people are seeing the documentation for the check as it was released with clangd.

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