[PATCH] D127923: [Diagnostics] Accept newline and format diag opts on first line

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Wed Jun 22 04:42:01 PDT 2022

aaron.ballman added a comment.

In D127923#3600422 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D127923#3600422>, @vangthao wrote:

> In D127923#3599451 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D127923#3599451>, @aaron.ballman wrote:
>> Is there a reason the remarks can't use individual diagnostic emissions to simulate newlines? Or is this perhaps a demonstration that the remarks should not be using the diagnostic engine at all and should be emitting their output to a user-controllable stream (or file)?
> An issue with using multiple diagnostic emissions to simulate newlines is that there are repeated information such as diagnostic location and diagopts reprinted for each line. This creates a lot of noise and makes the output harder to read.

I can see how that's the case if the prefix information is different with each diagnostic line, but if they're all repeating the same prefix, that noise should be lessened by quite a bit (and for those truly distracted by it, using the same prefix each time makes it easier to strip the prefix in an editor). e.g.,

  remark: foo.cl:27:0: 6 instructions in function
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: Kernel Name: test_kernel
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: SGPRs: 24
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: VGPRs: 9
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: AGPRs: 43
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: ScratchSize [bytes/thread]: 0
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: Occupancy [waves/SIMD]: 5
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: SGPRs Spill: 0
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: VGPRs Spill: 0
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: LDS Size [bytes/block]: 512
  remark: foo.cl:27:0: ------------------------------

doesn't look that terrible to me because all the salient information is visually aligned. (Line wrapping would be an issue, but the same is true for line wrapping mixed with manual newlines.) Do you have the ability to control the location of the diagnostic so you can keep the prefix the same throughout the report (or use the same prefix within a notional "section" of the report so that blocks of related remarks are visually grouped with the same prefix)?

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