[PATCH] D124256: [OpenCL] Add cl_khr_subgroup_rotate builtins

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Fri Apr 22 06:03:38 PDT 2022

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Add the builtins for the new OpenCL extension.  The specification is under review here: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenCL-Docs/pull/781

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: clang/lib/Sema/OpenCLBuiltins.td
--- clang/lib/Sema/OpenCLBuiltins.td
+++ clang/lib/Sema/OpenCLBuiltins.td
@@ -1832,6 +1832,12 @@
   def : Builtin<"dot_acc_sat_4x8packed_su_int", [Int, UInt, UInt, Int], Attr.Const>;
+// cl_khr_subgroup_rotate
+let Extension = FunctionExtension<"cl_khr_subgroup_rotate"> in {
+  def : Builtin<"sub_group_rotate", [AGenType1, AGenType1, Int], Attr.Convergent>;
+  def : Builtin<"sub_group_clustered_rotate", [AGenType1, AGenType1, Int, UInt], Attr.Convergent>;
 // Arm extensions.
 let Extension = ArmIntegerDotProductInt8 in {
Index: clang/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h
--- clang/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h
+++ clang/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h
@@ -17275,6 +17275,40 @@
 int __ovld __cnfn dot_acc_sat_4x8packed_su_int(uint, uint, int);
 #endif // __opencl_c_integer_dot_product_input_4x8bit_packed
+#if defined(cl_khr_subgroup_rotate)
+char __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(char, int);
+uchar __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(uchar, int);
+short __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(short, int);
+ushort __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(ushort, int);
+int __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(int, int);
+uint __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(uint, int);
+long __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(long, int);
+ulong __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(ulong, int);
+float __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(float, int);
+#if defined(cl_khr_fp64)
+double __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(double, int);
+#endif // cl_khr_fp64
+#if defined(cl_khr_fp16)
+half __ovld __conv sub_group_rotate(half, int);
+#endif // cl_khr_fp16
+char __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(char, int, uint);
+uchar __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(uchar, int, uint);
+short __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(short, int, uint);
+ushort __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(ushort, int, uint);
+int __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(int, int, uint);
+uint __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(uint, int, uint);
+long __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(long, int, uint);
+ulong __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(ulong, int, uint);
+float __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(float, int, uint);
+#if defined(cl_khr_fp64)
+double __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(double, int, uint);
+#endif // cl_khr_fp64
+#if defined(cl_khr_fp16)
+half __ovld __conv sub_group_clustered_rotate(half, int, uint);
+#endif // cl_khr_fp16
+#endif // cl_khr_subgroup_rotate
 #if defined(cl_intel_subgroups)
 // Intel-Specific Sub Group Functions
 float   __ovld __conv intel_sub_group_shuffle( float , uint );

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