[PATCH] D112921: [clang] Enable sized deallocation by default in C++14 onwards

Mark de Wever via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 21 09:34:36 PDT 2022

Mordante added a comment.

In D112921#3463887 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D112921#3463887>, @pcwang-thead wrote:

> In D112921#3462592 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D112921#3462592>, @Mordante wrote:
>> I didn't look at the code, but I have some hints how we can test libc++.
> Thanks! I ran tests with no error occurred on my local machine and I really want to know how to test it!

I added similar information yesterday, but I somehow didn't properly submit it.

Comment at: libcxx/test/std/language.support/support.dynamic/new.delete/new.delete.array/sized_delete_array14.pass.cpp:17
+// XFAIL: use_system_cxx_lib && target={{.+}}-apple-macosx10.{{9|10|11}}
 #include <new>
This `// XFAIL: clang-12, clang-13` is still needed but should be `// XFAIL: clang-13, clang-14`. (Since the LLVM 14 release we only support these two versions.)

For testing it's the easiest to remove line 147 of `libcxx/utils/ci/buildkite-pipeline.yml`

That way all builds run. The `Bootstrapping build` builds clang and uses that clang to test libc++. That way we can validate which builds fail and which succeed. Maybe some more builds need to be (temporary) disabled.

Once we verify that works we need to:
- undo the buildkite changes
- disable this test temporary (`UNSUPPORTED: clang-15`)
- create a followup patch to reenable the test
After the change has landed it will take some time before the change is propagated to the CI. Once it's propagated the followup patch can be landed. I'm willing to create the followup patch and land it at the proper time.

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