[PATCH] D119136: [clang] Implement Change scope of lambda trailing-return-type

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Wed Apr 20 12:13:28 PDT 2022

lichray added a comment.

In D119136#3462660 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D119136#3462660>, @aaron.ballman wrote:>

> Thanks for the apology, but I still think the reverts were premature, so hopefully we don't do this again. The issue with reverting all of these is that you put the burden back onto a relatively new contributor to try to figure out how to reapply all these changes when there wasn't actually a need to do so.
> In terms of where we go from here, there's a few options:
> 1. revert the reverts; this is easiest, but causes the most churn
> 2. merge all three patches into one (squashed) patch and commit that; this requires a little bit more work, but causes less churn
> 3. assume that P2036R3 is not implementable until WG21 resolves CWG2569 because it breaks too much code
> I think I have a preference for #2 as that will hopefully leave us with the most clear git history for when we do a blame later, but I could live with #1. If we find that there is significant broken code still, but it's not in system headers, then I think we should explore #3, but I don't think we have evidence that we're in this situation either.

I hope we don't fix bugs in production -- WG21 bug is also a bug.

1. The decision made in the paper p2036r3 section 4.1 brings in a breaking change.
2. The paper is applied as a DR on all previous C++ versions that apply.
3. The paper has no Annex C entry.

These three things do not compose. The paper didn't do enough homework.

I would like to see One patch that allows other parties to try, but not necessarily in the trunk, since doing so couples the trial with other useful work in the trunk.

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