[PATCH] D123957: Update the developer policy to mention release notes

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Updated based on review feedback.

- Made it more clear that adding a release note is discretionary rather than mandatory
- Clarified that bug fix release notes should be for user-facing impacts rather than any bug fix
- Clarified that optimization pass release notes should be for user-facing impacts rather than any change




Index: llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
--- llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
+++ llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
@@ -180,6 +180,30 @@
 for coverage (correctness, performance, etc) testing, not feature or regression
+Release Notes
+Many projects in LLVM communicate important changes to users through release
+notes, typically found in ``docs/ReleaseNotes.rst`` for the project. Changes to
+a project that are user-facing, or that users may wish to know about, should be
+added to the project's release notes at the author's or code reviewer's
+discretion, preferably as part of the commit landing the changes. Examples of
+changes that would typically warrant adding a release note (this list is not
+* Adding, removing, or modifying command-line options.
+* Adding, removing, or regrouping a diagnostic.
+* Fixing a bug that potentially has significant user-facing impact (please link
+  to the issue fixed in the bug database).
+* Adding or removing optimizations that have widespread impact or enables new
+  programming paradigms.
+* Modifying a C stable API.
+* Notifying users about a potentially disruptive change expected to be made in
+  a future release, such as removal of a deprecated feature.
+Code reviewers are encouraged to request a release note if they think one is
+warranted when performing a code review.

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