[PATCH] D122525: [clang][ASTImporter] Fix an import error handling related bug.

Balázs Kéri via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 6 07:41:32 PDT 2022

balazske added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/lib/AST/ASTImporter.cpp:8792-8794
+        if (!isa<TagDecl>(FromDi))
+          if (auto *FromDiDC = dyn_cast<DeclContext>(FromDi))
+            if (FromDiDC->containsDecl(PrevFromDi))
martong wrote:
> We should elevate this logic and the one in `ImportDeclContext` that uses `consumeError` into a common abstraction. I.e. making them closer to each other in a class.
> Something like (draft, did not test it, might not compile):
> ```
> class ErrorHandlingStrategy {
>   static bool accumulateChildErrors(DeclContext*);
>   static bool accumulateChildErrors(Decl *FromDi, Decl* Parent); // Use this one when traversing through the import path!
> public:
>   static Error handleDeclContextError(Error Err, DeclContext* FromDC) {
>     Error ChildErrors = Error::success();
>             if (Err && accumulateChildErrors(FromDC))
>               ChildErrors =  joinErrors(std::move(ChildErrors), std::move(Err));
>             else
>               consumeError(std::move(Err));
>      return ChildErrors
>   }
> };
> ```
The `AccumulateChildErrors` value looks the only common thing. It can mean: Accumulate errors (or not) for declarations that are in child-relationship with the parent. The value is only dependent on the parent, true if it is a `TagDecl`. This value can be extracted into a function that is used in `importDeclContext` and at `Import(Decl *)`. At `importDeclContext` we should accumulate or discard errors for every child node. But not for possible other nodes that are imported but are not a child node (probably no such exists now but theoretically it is possible, and when using the error handling strategy for non-namespace-like nodes).

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