[PATCH] D123045: [clang][extract-api] Fix small issues with SymbolGraphSerializer

Zixu Wang via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Apr 4 15:54:20 PDT 2022

zixuw added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/lib/ExtractAPI/Serialization/SymbolGraphSerializer.cpp:510
+  PathComponentContext.pop_back();
zixuw wrote:
> QuietMisdreavus wrote:
> > zixuw wrote:
> > > What's the cost/would it worth it to wrap the `emplace_back`s and `pop_back`s of `PathComponentContext` in meaningful APIs like `enterPathComponentContext` and `exitPathComponentContext`?
> > > That way the code is more self-explanatory and easier to read. It took me some time and mental resources to figure out why the `pop_back` is placed here.
> > What's the use of having the `emplace_back` call inside `serializeAPIRecord` but to pop it outside? It seems like it's easier to mess up for new kinds of records.
> The reason to `emplace_back` the path component inside `serializeAPIRecord` is that the `pathComponent` field of the `Record` is serialized in there so you want to include the name of the symbol itself in the path component list.
> The `pop_back` is delayed til all other additional serialization for a specific kind of record, for example `serializeEnumRecord` handles all the enum cases after processing the enum record itself using `serializeAPIRecord`. So in order to correctly include the enum name in the path components of all the enum cases, the enum name has to stay in `PathComponentContext` until all members are serialized.
> This is exactly the reason why I wanted a clearer API to make it easier to see.
Hmm now that I thought about this, it seems that it would be easier to understand and avoid bugs if we lift `PathComponentContext.emplace_back`/`enterPathComponentContext` out of `serializeAPIRecord`, because we have access to the record name before that anyway.

So we establish a pre-condition of `serializeAPIRecord` that the correct path components would be set up in `PathComponentContext` before the call so we could still serialize the field inside that method. And in specific `serialize*Record` methods we push the record name, and pop out at the end.

This way the push and pop operations would appear in pairs in a single block, saving the confusion and mental work of jumping across functions to see how `PathComponentContext` is evolving.

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