[PATCH] D119599: Add option to align compound assignments like `+=`

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About the column limit option in the test AlignConsecutiveDeclarations.
Previously, the test worked when the column limit was set to 0.
However, when the column limit is less than the length of a single line,
the formatter is supposed to give up aligning stuff.  Previously it
aligned things due to a bug.  In the function AlignTokens:

  unsigned ChangeMaxColumn = Style.ColumnLimit - LineLengthAfter;
  // If we are restricted by the maximum column width, end the sequence.
  if (ChangeMinColumn > MaxColumn || ChangeMaxColumn < MinColumn ||
      CommasBeforeLastMatch != CommasBeforeMatch) {
    StartOfSequence = i;

`ChangeMaxColumn` would wrap around 0.  `ChangeMaxColumn < MinColumn`
would fail.

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