[PATCH] D113676: [clang][lex] Fix search path usage remark with modules

Jan Svoboda via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 19 04:41:29 PST 2022

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Comment at: clang/lib/Lex/HeaderSearch.cpp:264
+  if (Module || !AllowSearch || !HSOpts->ImplicitModuleMaps) {
+    noteModuleLookupUsage(Module, ImportLoc);
     return Module;
jansvoboda11 wrote:
> ahoppen wrote:
> > Just a thought: Could we move `noteModuleLookupUsage` into `findModule`? IIUC that would guarantee that we’re catching all cases and we wouldn’t need to call `noteModuleLookupUsage ` from both overloads of `lookupModule`.
> That would clean up `HeaderSearch` nicely. I'll look into creating new `HeaderSearch::findModule` function that would wrap `ModuleMap::findModule` and note usage.
Looking more into this, `ModuleMap::findModule` is used in a lot of different places. Since `noteModuleLookupUsage` takes `SourceLocation` of the `#include`, putting it into `findModule` that doesn't require `SourceLocation` ATM would be somewhat intrusive change.

I have cleaned up this patch so that `noteModuleLookupUsage` is called only in single `HeaderSearch::lookupModule`. I think this is good enough. WDYT?

Comment at: clang/lib/Lex/ModuleMap.cpp:851
       new Module("<private>", Loc, Parent, /*IsFramework*/ false,
                  /*IsExplicit*/ true, NumCreatedModules++);
   Result->Kind = Module::PrivateModuleFragment;
jansvoboda11 wrote:
> ahoppen wrote:
> > Maybe a stupid question but why don’t we need to call the callback e.g. here (or on the other `new Module`) calls in this file?
> This is related to C++20 modules, so it wasn't necessary for the test case I had in mind.
> But I agree we should handle this as well. I think more robust solution would be to add factory function to `ModuleMap` through which all `Module` instances get created, and invoke the callback there.
This is fixed in D116751.

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