[PATCH] D117421: [clang-format] Fix incorrect alignment of operator= overloads.

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Mon Jan 17 00:39:05 PST 2022

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In D117421#3246627 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D117421#3246627>, @glotchimo wrote:

> I don't know why, but `clang-format` reformatted most if not all of the long/block comments in `WhitespaceManager.cpp`. Will it be necessary for me to revert the changes to those comments and skip formatting when updating the diff so as to keep it minimal?

If when editing you save (and clang-format) when you've missed a `}` then the file likely reindented, this, in turn, reflowed the comments, which means when you add the '}' back in, those comments have newlines in different places

once reflowed the comments don't reflow back.

This is commonly how I mess up, I then `git difftool` with something like winmerge and revert the comments one by one.

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