[PATCH] D114887: [Analyzer][solver] Simplification: Do a fixpoint iteration before the eq class merge

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Wed Dec 1 09:12:57 PST 2021

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This reverts commit f02c5f3478318075d1a469203900e452ba651421 <https://reviews.llvm.org/rGf02c5f3478318075d1a469203900e452ba651421> and
addresses the issue mentioned in D114619 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D114619> differently.

Repeating the issue here:
Currently, during symbol simplification we remove the original member
symbol from the equivalence class (`ClassMembers` trait). However, we
keep the reverse link (`ClassMap` trait), in order to be able the query
the related constraints even for the old member. This asymmetry can lead
to a problem when we merge equivalence classes:

  ClassA: [a, b]   // ClassMembers trait,
  a->a, b->a       // ClassMap trait, a is the representative symbol

Now let,s delete `a`:

  ClassA: [b]
  a->a, b->a

Let's merge ClassA into the trivial class `c`:

  ClassA: [c, b]
  c->c, b->c, a->a

Now, after the merge operation, `c` and `a` are actually in different
equivalence classes, which is inconsistent.

This issue manifests in a test case (added in D103317 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D103317>):

  void recurring_symbol(int b) {
    if (b * b != b)
      if ((b * b) * b * b != (b * b) * b)
        if (b * b == 1)

Before the simplification we have these equivalence classes:

  trivial EQ1: [b * b != b]
  trivial EQ2: [(b * b) * b * b != (b * b) * b]

During the simplification with `b * b == 1`, EQ1 is merged with `1 != b`
`EQ1: [b * b != b, 1 != b]` and we remove the complex symbol, so
`EQ1: [1 != b]`
Then we start to simplify the only symbol in EQ2:
`(b * b) * b * b != (b * b) * b --> 1 * b * b != 1 * b --> b * b != b`
But `b * b != b` is such a symbol that had been removed previously from
EQ1, thus we reach the above mentioned inconsistency.

This patch addresses the issue by making it impossible to synthesise a
symbol that had been simplified before. We achieve this by simplifying
the given symbol to the absolute simplest form.

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