[PATCH] D113477: [clang-tblgen] Fix non-determinism in generating AttributeReference.rst

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Tue Nov 9 03:24:15 PST 2021

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As for now, the categories are printed in an arbitrary order which depends on the addresses of dynamically allocated objects. The patch sorts them in an alphabetical order thus making the output stable.

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Index: clang/utils/TableGen/ClangAttrEmitter.cpp
--- clang/utils/TableGen/ClangAttrEmitter.cpp
+++ clang/utils/TableGen/ClangAttrEmitter.cpp
@@ -4433,7 +4433,13 @@
   // Gather the Documentation lists from each of the attributes, based on the
   // category provided.
   std::vector<Record *> Attrs = Records.getAllDerivedDefinitions("Attr");
-  std::map<const Record *, std::vector<DocumentationData>> SplitDocs;
+  struct CategoryLess {
+    bool operator()(const Record *L, const Record *R) const {
+      return L->getValueAsString("Name") < R->getValueAsString("Name");
+    }
+  };
+  std::map<const Record *, std::vector<DocumentationData>, CategoryLess>
+      SplitDocs;
   for (const auto *A : Attrs) {
     const Record &Attr = *A;
     std::vector<Record *> Docs = Attr.getValueAsListOfDefs("Documentation");

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