[PATCH] D113391: [Modules] Don't support clang module and c++20 module at the same time

Chuanqi Xu via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Nov 9 03:12:06 PST 2021

ChuanqiXu added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/test/ClangScanDeps/Inputs/header-search-pruning/cdb.json:1
-  {
-    "directory": "DIR",
-    "command": "clang -E DIR/header-search-pruning.cpp -Ibegin -I1 -Ia -I3 -I4 -I5 -I6 -Ib -I8 -Iend DEFINES -fmodules -fcxx-modules -fmodules-cache-path=DIR/module-cache -fimplicit-modules -fmodule-map-file=DIR/module.modulemap",
-    "file": "DIR/header-search-pruning.cpp"
-  }
+  "directory" : "DIR",
jansvoboda11 wrote:
> Please undo the whitespace changes in `ClangScanDeps` tests.
It looks like that it's formatted by clang-format surprisingly. I would undo this manually.

Comment at: clang/test/ClangScanDeps/Inputs/header-search-pruning/cdb.json:3
+  "directory" : "DIR",
+  "command" : "clang -E DIR/header-search-pruning.cpp -Ibegin -I1 -Ia -I3 -I4 -I5 -I6 -Ib -I8 -Iend DEFINES -fmodules -fmodules-cache-path=DIR/module-cache -fimplicit-modules -fmodule-map-file=DIR/module.modulemap",
+  "file" : "DIR/header-search-pruning.cpp"
jansvoboda11 wrote:
> Can you explain why `-fcxx-modules` is removed? We want to explicitly enable Clang modules for C++ inputs here. That's off by default in our downstream repo and we'd like to keep this upstream to prevent conflicts. (it's benign upstream)
According to the discussion in the link, I think it is in consensus that we decide to not support clang modules and c++20 modules at the same time. (I know many people may not have visited it. If any one disagree with the higher idea, I think it would be better to reply in that thread). 
So the original test case would fail.

> We want to explicitly enable Clang modules for C++ inputs here. 

I am not sure if I missed any thing. Personally, it looks like the test now would test clang modules for c++ inputs. Since it has `-fmodule` option so that clang module is enabled and the input is C++ (from its suffix). Do I misunderstand you?

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